“Patient’s Playbook” A Book & Info For Using Health Care

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In early July 2017 via my dvr I watched a short  TV interview on Tavis Smily’s show, where he interviewed  Leslie Michelson.

This  is a great topic that we all can use some guidence if and when we have to navigate and use the great health care available  to us in these United States of America.

The Patients Playbook

1- Don’t under treat

2- Don’t over treat

3- Don’t mis-treat

This looks like some good info. So I wanted to post some basic info on this ASAP.  I will do some homework and post follow-up info after I have  had a chance to do more homework on this resource.   (07/09/2017 jcl)



How to become a smarter health care advocate -via Diane Rehm ( NPR radio)  (48 min)

Transcript of this radio show from 08/31/2015.

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