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The following video from C-SPAN’s morning show, “Washington Journal,” presents the status of healthcare reform from NPR healthcare reporter, Ms. Julie Rovner.  It shows the status as she sees it as of 01/09/2011 and is about 30 minutes long.

Julie Rovner talks about the implementation of the Health Care Reform Law and took viewer calls from a January 9 th 2011 C-SPAN Washington Journal segment. Washington Journal is the morning show on C-SPAN (6 am-9am EST) most days.

Julie Rovner covers Health Care topics for NPR Radio

The segment begins with Julie presenting highlights of Health Care Reform that go into effect in 2011 and the show displays the following list:

Health Care Reform Changes for 2011
Medical Loss Ratio Requirements
Closing Donut Hole for Medicare part D
Primary Care Bonus
Medicare Prevention Benefits
Premium Threshold Freeze
Medicare Advantage Changes
Health Home Payments
Chronic Disease prevention
Tax Free spending accounts
The biggest change the public will see according to JR is the Medical loss ratio.
That is Health Insurance co’s have to spend so much (of each dollar) on medical benefits:
80{e64afe744808f925ae4e621067af93b57aa961a0f89d5b9e5dafb1c9b1c107d5} Individual policies
85{e64afe744808f925ae4e621067af93b57aa961a0f89d5b9e5dafb1c9b1c107d5} Group policies
If an Insurance company does not, there are consequences in the form of rebates and fines.
For example, while Nurse Hot line is a medical expense, Insurance Broker commissions are not.
If a Health Insurance company wants to increases in premiums by 10{e64afe744808f925ae4e621067af93b57aa961a0f89d5b9e5dafb1c9b1c107d5} or more, the State  and Fed Gov’t  can get involved.  California, for example,  is seeing this now.
2008-2009 Insurance companies  healed off price increases so in 2010 you see pent up demand on price to catch up.
The HCR Law is scheduled to be  mostly implemented by 2014 (see time lines)
Unless some changes happen…
People like the individual provision for the most part…but do not like the mandate for people to go out and purchase Health Insurance. The only way to cover everyone is to require everyone to purchase Health Insurance and to cover people with pre-ex (pre existing conditions) (Min 7)
If Everyone has coverage (the mandate) is the only way to cover everybody. (pre existing conditions).  This is government regulation of a private health insurance system (Min 19)
Health Insurance Policy max: A good plan  had 2MM to 5MM
She also opens up the topic of mini med policies / limited medical plans
The McDonalds mini med plan. (Min 29)
This is a good segment as it provides some answers, shows the depth of the topic, and that there are no easy answers.

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