Marketplace for Texas 2015 Via Aetna

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In this post you will find links to excellent information on the federal marketplace for Texas residents from the Aetna website.

Aetna has a section on there website titled “Reform Explained.”

See this link for a video on “what is a health insurance exchange” (and a transcript of the marketplace).

Also seee the Aetna overview on Texas Health Insurance Marketplace Plans (2015).

from this web page you can get to Aetna’s information on exploring the plans they offer.

Please contact us for a quote or further discussion and explanations regarding the following:

– a Directory for 2015

– a Drug (Rx) search tool

– Info  on “out of network” costs

– see some “quick” definitions

– listings of Aetna’s metallic plans (bronze-silver-gold)

PDF – “Taking Charge of Your Health”  from Aetna (63.43.300.1B (1/14)



to find the doctors and hospitals you trust most.






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