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Revised Health Insurance for Texas web site was made “live” today.  Welcome to web site “3.0”. This is the 3rd major design change in the life of, the website, which started in July of 2007. This is the first Blog post I am making as we put the site up “LIVE” in this new addition. One of the big reasons for the redesign was to have a blog so we could put information out on the web with ease. is the web presence for John CASEY Lowery. I am an insurance agent licensed in Texas that works in the Health, Life, DI, and LTC for (Individuals and Groups). I will work to stay up to date in the markets I serve for my clients and potential clients. I only work in the Texas market.

Information on the new Health Insurance Reform Law is slowly coming out to us from the powers that be in the nation’s capital. I will use my Insurance resources and work to use my site and blog to put our useful information as I can.

Along with the “new look” of the web site the biggest change is in the Individual Health Quote Engine that I use. This is the “tool” that can give multiple quotes from all the Health Insurance companies J. Casey Lowery works with. I believe this is the best system I have seen yet for my clients and is easy for us to use in the office to better serve the client.

Please see the resource tab on the web site for this has good information on a verity of Insurance and Health topics and plan to grow this resource and keep it as user friendly as we can.

I plan on having post on Individual and Group Insurance topics and will work to make the web site a useful resource and tool for Health and Life (personal lines) Insurance needs in Texas.

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