May 2017 Health Care Replacement

By tfbuser on June 1, 2017 | Listed under Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment |

The Congress has started the process to repel  & replace the ACA law.

I have posted what I think is some good info on the via the -AM news show  Washington Journal from Monday 05/05/2017 with Ms Julie Rovner who is with Kaiser health news.

See the below link for about 90 minuets of discussion and info on this  start for  possible health care replacement.

Link for Video for WJ Mon 05/05 with Julie Rovner 

I will post some written info on this important topic for heath care in the USA as it is in May 2017.


NRP Health News (Health Shots)

C-span search Julie Rovner 

KHN- Julie Rovner  (Kaiser Health News)

Twitter – Julie Rovner 

NPR – Julie Rovner 


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