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Group Health Insurance is the way most Americans get health Insurance. And this has been the best way to get health insurance in my opinion.

When the ACA first came on, the playing field was more level. But over time the Individual market has not stayed  as strong in the offering and the price has continued to go up. (for non subsidized off market place plans.)

On Friday’s C-span Washington Journal (Morning call in news show 6-9am 7 days a week.)  Ms. Margot Sanger-Katz  (NYTimes) spoke  on Employer Based Health Care.  Margot Sanger-Katz talked about the recent announcement of three large private companies joining together to provide health care for their employees

Link to the Washington Journal’s  09/09/2017  segment on Employer based Health Care. 

Employer Health Insurance: Often-Hated, Sometimes Pioneering, and Now on Amazon’s Radar  (NYTimes 02/01/18)

NYTimes_Health_Ins_Amazon_Berkshire_2018_02_01 (right click to open pdf)

More Links

Ms. Margot Sanger Katz NYTimes

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C-span / Radio

C-span / app 

Media Bias/Fact Check 

I am a C-span Junkie….or so say’s my wife….HA….

So  above are (I think)  some good links…and yes I do like real news..

Note…….Trust….. but  …..Verify…..

But I do take value from major new organizations vs some new feed from Facebook.

And I do like to read.


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