Health Care Reform As Of Sept. 20, 2017

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Where are we (the Congress) on taking on repeal and replacement of the ACA law as of  09/20/2017 ?

This is a good question with no clear or easy answers.   ( “darn”   – jcl)

See the three videos and  ALL the good links for more info to help you see what is going on and try to get some understanding of it all. There is a lot and this is a big deal, to make changes to the health care systems in the USA. I work to keep up with what is going on and try to keep myself informed and continue to put up relevant info as I can on this blog.

  1. Do see the Chart that Ms. Desjardins and pbs have provided.
  2. Watch all the short videos below and especially the last one.

The above is from Wed 09/20/2017 pbs Newhour show 

One simple Chart (kind of ) to help lay out where the congress is as of today. in the new GOP health care bill in one simple chart_2017_09_20_b  (right click to open)

The above articles and even my pdf copy   DO have a link to the full bill (140 pages).

If you would like to see this document.  Take a Look.  (and / or  – see the link below)

Where can You read the bill?      Draft    bill text

Summary of the Bill via Govtrack

See the Govtrack home page  for the latest info on this and other bills.

Graham – Cassisdy  bill


Lisa Desjardins via Twitter 


Above is from Fox news.

The above is from The Washington Post  (WP)  and give some good info, I thinks.


Ms. Julie Rovner w/ Kaiser Health News (KHN)  Gives some good info – 09/19/17 – A last ditch effort to repeal & replace the ACA and what you need to know. Effort By Republicans To Replace ACA What You Need To Know_2017_09_19 (right click to open the above pdf. )



This video is from March of 2017.  It is short and talks to the point of the big problem with health care in the good old USA.

Thank you Dr. Tom Coburn and former US Congressman and Senator from OK.

And late in this collection of info:

From 09/22/2017  Charlie Rose show – via PBS see Mike Allen w/AXIOS media talking about the Health Care bill Graham Cassidy bill.

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