Disability Awareness Month is May 2015 (DIAM)

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Every May is Disability Awareness Month (DIAM) . During May of every year the insurance community makes an effort to educate people in the USA about disability and disability insurance (DI)


Life Happens.org – DI – It’s Not what you think (a video via YouTube)


I believe  that  we all need to plan for the worst,  and hope and live for the best.

If you have someone who depends on you financially, you need to consider Life Insurance and disability insurance for your loved ones well being as well as your own.  I  feel that we all should have a last will and testament (with other documents, living will and powers of attorney). I am not an attorney and so do not practice law. There are a number of sources  for a person to get a will and think you should consult the web, people you know and trust and or an attorney to help you with this task. You should review and/or if appropriate,  update your will documents every so often.

Get on with making your plans and living your life. If you want more information on disability insurance contact your insurance advisor.  If you do not have one, live in Texas,  and would like to talk,  please contact our office in the Houston area (Sugar Land TX).


Info Links on DI

Life Happens “info” on DI.

Life Happens DI Calculator

DI “FAQ’s on DI from Life Happens.

Disability Awareness (DA)   the Counsel for Disability Awareness

Disabilty Disconnect Infographic Web  (right click for an adobe pdf document)





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