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Thursday Night (01/24/2013) on the  NBC TV’s Rock Center with Brian Williams I saw a segment on wireless medicine. The reporter, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, was interviewing  Dr. Eric Topol on this fascinating topic.

I like the report for it talks to people about having US becoming more engaged with our own health, and yes this is coming from a doctor. I do like the way this man thinks. He see technology coming down the pipeline that will help people more than “a lot” of prescription drugs.

I do not like to take pills and think that well “less is more” especially in the Rx arena.  Too many prescription drugs have potential side effects that could do people more harm than the aliment they think they’re treating.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts after watching this show and encourage people to seek out this report and think about  how these coming things will impact us all. It is exciting and I think will give people better quality of life. After all, that’s what we all want isn’t it?

I thought the most interesting things Dr. Topol talked about are some tools for heart conditions. He see some good monitoring and testing tools for the Heart that will soon be available. He also talked about some tools for Diabetes (DM) which, of course, is  a very big problem for the public at large. Diabetes may be the largest public health problem facing the developed world and so anything to get the trend going “the other way” could help.

None of us will get out alive, so   I for one,  want as many good days as I can have,  so as  to  enjoy them with the  people I share my life with .

Do take some time and follow the link to the NBC website to watch the video clips of the show and read more.

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