Deductibles | Copay’s | Co-insurance | & Maximums

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A Question that is often asked is, with regard to health insurance policies is  how do deductibles, copay’s,co-insurance & out of pocket maximums work? Here’s a short 3 minute YouTube video from Humana on this subject: Deductibles and Coinsurances If you have additional questions call the health insurance agent you work with or give us […]

Health Insurance Deductibles

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The deductible in a health Insurance policy is a defined dollar amount during the benefit period – usually a year – that the insured person pays before the insurance company starts to make payments for covered medical services. Plans may have both per individual and family deductibles. Some plans may have separate deductibles for specific […]

Deductibles | Co-Pays | Out of Pocket Maximums

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Most people look at health insurance first by the deductible on the plan. For example, my plan has a $1,000 deductible. But what does this really mean and is there more to this? In short this is a good starting place for a PPO or even a new HSA type plan, but there is a […]

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