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Credit for Prior Credible Coverage

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Any pre-existing condition waiting period met under an employer’s prior (qualifying) coverage will be credited to the current plan, if any interruption of coverage between the new and prior plans meets state guidelines. Not having a lapse in Health Insurance can be very important, especially if you have health issues. If you go without Health […]

Health Insurance Terms | Co-insurance & Stop-loss

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This posting is a continuation of the series on Health Insurance Terms. In a Health Insurance policy, once you have met your deductible, if you do not have a 100 percent plan then you are in the part of the policy of Co-insurance. That is where the insured and the insurance co share in the […]

Health Insurance Terms | Deductible

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On a regular basis I will work to define terms and concepts used in the field of Insurance that could be of help to people trying to provide risk protection. By risk protection for people, I am speaking of Health, Life, Disability and other coverage of insurance. I will start with the basic terms needed […]

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