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Healthy Texas

Healthy Texas, a new statewide public/private partnership health insurance program for small groups of employees in Texas,  went into effect  January 1, 2011.

The partnership is between the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and two major health insurance companies, United Healthcare (UHC) and Celtic and came about as a result of the new Health Care Reform Bill.

The program is designed for Texas small businesses with two to fifty employees  that do not currently offer health insurance and have not for at least twelve months.  If your company offers a limited or mini plan, however, you may still
be able to apply.

Other Healthy Texas Features

  • No dual option so all employees are on the same plan.
  • $750K per member per year Max (for 2011)
  • $25 co pay (primary physician and specialist)
  • 125 emergency room co pay
  • $200 or $500 Rx deductible

Why Employers Should Be Interested in Healthy Texas

Eligible employers that purchase coverage for employees and their dependents through an approved participating private health plan can save, on average, up to one-third on premiums through the Healthy Texas program.

How to Apply for Healthy Texas Coverage

To enroll, interested employers should apply through an insurance agent.  So,  feel free to call me, Casey Lowery,  at (713) 481-6501 or use this website, to request a quote or arrange a meeting for more information on this “new” plan for covering small companies that do not yet offer coverage.
Because there are no health questions on the applications, both the employer and employee applications are really easy.

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