What the New ACA Will Cost Us

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Affordable Care Act Costs As Of September, 2013

So what will we have to pay for health insurance when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes in effect on  January 01, 2014?

On the radio today (09/05) here is a short story on this.  I also like the radio business program Marketplace (on at 6:30 pm Houston TX, on  KUHF)

Also on Thursdays (noon) the KUHF radio show Houston Matters” will devote some time to the ACA during the month of September in order to get ready for the “open enrolment” that starts 10/01 through 12/31/2013.

Listen to the show from Th 09/05/2013.  This show focused on unemployed and self-employed in Houston TX.

Kaiser Family Foundation Report

Also see this link to the Kaiser Family Foundation (kff) has a report dated 09/2013 on this subject.)

The bad new in the report is there is no date from sates that do not have a state (exchange or marketplace). Texas will not have it own marketplace and will have one provided by the federal government. We hope to learn how this will work and will see come January 2014.

Our office like most Insurance (health) professionals, is keeping up on this imortant subject and getting certified to continue in the field with all the upcoming changes.

Affordable Care Act Timeline, Facts, and Subsidy Calculator

ACA time line

ACA facts by State

ACA facts by state_TEXAS

KFF has a ACA timeline  I have put up links to the official time line on the government web site in previous blog posts.

KFF also has a subsidy calculator for the subsidies that will be available after Jan 1,2014

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