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Alcoholism in America 2018

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Today alcoholism is a real problem for everyone. In fact, it may affect and even touch YOU. It has touched my life and I am one who tries to reach out and help others, especially people who want and need help.

C-span via BookTV.org talk on “Drunks: An American History” [Christopher M. Finan]   (02-17-2018)


book – Drunks: An American History [Christopher M. Finan]

Christopher M. Finan   via good reads

Christopher M Finan website



Google.com –    Drunks in America

AA Beyond Belief -via- YouTube 

AA beyond Belief – Episode 71: Drunks: An American History


HANDSOME LAKE  – a Seneca religious leader of the Iroquois people

The Story of Recovery.

The Washingtonian society

google –  search on Washingtonian society



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