Resolutions 2017 See AICR for Some Help

By tfbuser on January 6, 2017 | Listed under Exercise | Leave a comment |

Well, it is the first week of 2017.  We have made some new year goal (resolutions) and I have received some good info that I will share.

The American Institute for Cancer Research (I do have knowledge of this organization and like the info I get from them,)

The Jan 2017 AIRC news letter

A pdf copy of the Jan 2017 AIRC news letter.   (right click the link below) – Email – 7 Healthy Habits for Successful Weight Loss_2017_01

Good luck to us all with our diet and exercise goals and resolutions, lets give it a go and make it a part of our life habit. So we can enjoy today and tomorrow. None of us knows how many days we have.

I know I try to enjoy a little something every day, for life is a journey. So, let’s enjoy the trip.

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