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Nutrition Information and Good Eats

By admin on November 29, 2012 | Listed under Health Insurance | Leave a comment |

I recently heard on the radio a quick segment on a eCookbook from MD Anderson.   “The Cancer Hospital” in Houston TX.

At The Table is the Title and I have looked it over and think it could be a good resource for good healthy food and eating.

I am using this blog post to list  some of what I think are good resources for good eating.

Texas co-op power magazine recipes

Eating Well

Stop Diabetes. org  has a cook book  “What to eat now”

“DB”     Diabetes is a big big probem for all of us and we all need to be aware of what we are eating for the long term.


WebMD  DB & diet info

Mayo Clinc  healthy  recipes

“GI”  or  Low Glycemic Index Diet  is a good school of thought for healthy eating (Amazon books on GI diet)

At my house we  like” Cook this not that  and Authors David Zinczenko an& Matt Goulding have a whole series of books.  The book we have is easy to use and we like it.  And last but not least, here’s an Amazon book list.

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