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Mid Summer 2016 ACA Info & News

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Ms. Rachana Pradhan is with Politico . She was with Inside Health Policy where she focused on the implementation of the ACA.

She was interviewed on 03/27/2016, which was the 6th anniversary of the signing ot the ACA law.

Please note: Starting at about min 1:45 she talks about TAX form 1095 (3 types ….depending on where you get hour health insurance).

IRS info on form 1095-a  (for marketplace coverage)

IRS info on  form 1095-b  

IRS info on form 1095-c  (for you receive if you have employer sponsored health coverage.


Washington Journal: Rachel Roubein on Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

National Journal] Health Policy and Congressional Reporter Rachel Roubein discusses legislative efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, including the House Republicans’ alternative…

Ms. Rachel Roubein is a staff writer with the National Journal who focus her reporting on heath care.

In this interview on the C-Span morning talk show Washington Journal (6am-9am cst every day) she talks about the Republican idea, proposal as of  (June 2016) .

Because I like c-span TV, I usually dvr this morning talk show. While I may not always watch it all,  I feel that it offers an unfiltered view our great country.


Rachel Roubein via Twitter

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