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Making Sense of Healthcare News (ACA) In 2018

By admin on March 27, 2018 | Listed under Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment |

What is going on with American’s healthcare is a moving target.  People will say they do not want “Obamacare” or an ACA plan. But, the law affects all of us. and  most insurance.

I listened to this reporter and tried to make some sense of our (the USA healthcare system) as we start into the new year (2018).

I caught Ms. Julie Rovner on C-Span in early January 2018

See WJ 01/07/2018 Julie Rovner on Health Insurance now(This is about 51 minutes of a 3 hour morning TV show.)


C-Span Washington Journal (WJ)

C-Span – Julie Rovner 

Kaiser Health News (KHN) Julie Rovner  

Twitter – Julie Rovner

Dec 2017 “Why Do People Hate Obamacare, Anyway?”  Julie Rovner KHN





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