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Doctor and Insurance Co. News July 2016

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The Houston Chronicle, had a story  where Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic announced (07/29/2016) that they would no longer work together.

So that means if you have Health Insurance with Blue Cross that Kelsey-Seybold will not be in net work starting  October 01, 2016.

As of 07/29 Kelsey-Seybold did not have a statement on their website that we could find.  (see links below)

houstonchronicle.com-Thousands of Kelsey-Seybold patients to lose in-network coverage from Blue Cross_2017_07_29  (right click to open this Adobe pdf copy of the Houston Chronicle story from 07/29/2016)

This news will affect people (members of BCBSTX) with Blue Cross Insurance who are  on the insurance companies PPO and POS networks.

(Kelsey-Seybold has made the decision to leave the BCBSTX BlueChoice PPO/POS and Traditional/Par Plan networks, a broad network of participating providers remains available to you. If you choose to continue to utilize Kelsey-Seybold Clinic after Oct. 1, 2016, you may be responsible for a significant portion of the cost of your visits.) -from BCBSTX

We have confirmed (by phone with Blue Cross) that this DOES affect the BCBSTX and all (in network provider status)  with Kelsey-Seybold.  (note..in 2016 this will affect people with group (ppo) coverage)

Note….. Kelsey- Seyblod   IS NOT in network with BCBSTX  HMO plans in 2016. (individual health insurance  ON or OFF the marketplace).

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See the video below for HMO info from BCBSTX

This is good info for anyone with an HMO plan and/or any Health Insurance plan.

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