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ACA Learning Curve

By admin on August 8, 2014 | Listed under Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment |

The new health care law or Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act or PPACA) has a lot of moving parts and for people with little or no experience with health insurance it is a real challenge to understand the insurance world

I read an article in the 08/02/2014 NYTimes titles “Newly Insured, Many Now Face Learning Curve” by Ms. Abby Goodnough

(See a pdf copy of this article as well)  nytimes.com-Newly_Insured_Many_Now_Face_Learning_Curve_2014_08_03  (right click to open in a new tab or page)

NYTimes.com  section on Health 

I have attached what I think is a nice video that in simple terms talks about the heath care law or ACA as I like to call it.


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