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I read the latest edition of the Houston Chronicle Health Zone, in my Sunday paper 03/24/2013.  It is hard to believe it was  Palm Sunday, and holy week is here. I hope all have a blessed Easter and it brings a nice start to spring for 2013.  Pray for “Peace for us all” and some rain.

Note I am not going to ride in the MS-150 bike ride this year 04/20&21). I hope all that do have a nice weekend of cycling and help this good cause continue to do good work.  (To donate …find a rider to support)



I did  read a few thing  in the Healthzone newspaper section and want to share the links to the articles.

Eat Healthier with help from your smart phone.  (03/24/2013)

The Mediterranean Diet, a Dietitian praises results. (03/20/2013) I am not a fan of any fad diet, but I do feel that the thinking of the Mediterranean diet masks basic sense. As with all things find what works for you and in the end it is most things in moderation.

Alzheimer’s, some of the risk factors may be within your control (03/20/2013)

Lowering Your Cholesterol: Changes that Count (12/17/2012)

It seems there is a lot of concern with cholesterol and there are things we can do besides just taking a pill.

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