Retirement Savings Info 2016 July

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I happened to catch (06/07/2016) via c-span’s morning show “Washington Journal”   A Mr. Joshua Gotbaum who is a former official with the  Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation  (PBGC) director. I think he brings up some good food for thought that we all should think about from time to time. I would say get some savings going […]

Investing Autopilot from Wealthtrack TV

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I saw an interesting program on public TV back on June (06/21) 2015 called weathtrack. The show was on the automation of individuals investments. At first it sounded crazy. But watch the show because there are some good sound reasons why it’s not. I think some (or even a good portion) of a persons investments should be […]

Low Yields On Savings Here for the Long Term

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“The end of the yield famine is far away” is the title in Scott Burns column in the 11/07/2012 Houston Chronicle. He gets into a topic that should be on all peoples mind. The fact that there is too much debt.  This fact will have some long term consequences for all savers. It is good […]

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