April 2017 Is Adult Learn To Swim Month

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Swimming is something I take for granted. My sister and I  learned to swim very early in our lives.  The US Masters Swimming (USMS) is promoting the cause to help adults who are not comfortable in the water learn to swim.         RelatdLinks US Masters Swimming  The Houston Dad’s Club (just north […]

Long Term Care Insurance Info From WSJ

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Here is some good Long Term Care Insurance info that somehow got  lost in the shuffle.  It is not  timely, but rather it’s timeless!   We all get older each day and we all need to have some planning for our future and living past our work or productive years. From the Wall Street Journal: […]

Where Will You Pass Away?

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The End of Life, in Numbers We all put things off and thinking about death is at the top of the list, but everyone needs to give this subject some thought from time to time. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy.  We all need to give some thought to our own end and […]

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