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Medicare Coverage Online Tools

By on April 30 2012 | Medicare, Prescription Drug Plan (part D) | Leave a comment

If you are on a Medicare health plan (Medicare supplement or Medicare Part D plan (part D is Rx coverage). If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you most likely have medical and Rx coverage together in your plan. I do not write about Medicare Advantage plans for I am not certified to market and […]

Medicare Open Enrollment For 2011 Coverage

By on December 9 2010 | Medicare | Leave a comment

This  year end open enrollment is for current members of Medicare who want to change the insurance coverage they have to some new plan.  Know you will have to go through underwriting to make a change and you must do this between Nov 15 through Dec 31, 2010. I am writing about this topic in […]

Medicare Open Enrollment

By on November 23 2010 | Prescription Drug Plan (part D) | Leave a comment

The Medicare open enrollment period began November 15, 2010.  The period is different this year in that it will be shorter and ends on 12/31/2010.  So it will be a challenge for participants to make firm decisions and act within this time period.  It will be an even bigger challenge for Insurance professionals that specialize […]


By on April 15 2010 | | Leave a comment

All Medicare plans are designed by the federal government, so all insurance companies must offer the same minimum benefits  and coverages.  Although these plans are standardized, each company will have different pricing  and could have additional points of value for their plans. Medicare is a government health plan where the insured is required to select […]

April 2022 -(ON marketplace) individual & family health insurance (DMI)

By on April 18 2022 | Health Insurance, Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

The  DMI Documentation Window Rapidly Closing  ( noted…..04/18/2022 -Monday) The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated that a large number of Marketplace policyholders are quickly running out of time to submit Data Matching Issue (DMI) documentation necessary to remain enrolled in their health plans. If this issue is not addressed within the […]

Long Term Care insurance (LTCi). Think about it 2022/03

By on March 31 2022 | Long Term Care Insurance | Leave a comment

Long Term Care insurance (LTC i ) and or how to have a solution should you or some one in your family have the need.   The above is from SS and is titled “Long-term care: Does health insurance cover it?”   Links ACL.Gov – YouTube (Administration for Community Living) YouTube…on SS and LTCi […]

Health Concerns March 2020 with Coronavirus.

By on March 5 2020 | Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

You’ve likely heard about the Coronavirus (officially called “2019-Novel Coronavirus” or “COVID-19”) in the news. While there isn’t a vaccine yet and the immediate health risk remains low. (From Medicare ) To prevent the spread of this illness or other illnesses, including the flu: Wash your hands often with soap and water, Cover your mouth […]

Individual & Group Health Insurance Plans for Houston &Texas;

By on July 6 2018 | | Leave a comment
Texas Family Benefits specializes in individual, Medicare, and group health insurance in Houston as well as throughout the state of Texas. is a business-to-consumer insurance agency that delivers web-based insurance information to individuals, families and small businesses. Our integrated suite of online services facilitates a comprehensive search and review of leading insurance companies. ServicesIndividual [...]

Healthcare & Retirement 2018

By on May 1 2018 | Life Insurance, Medicare | Leave a comment

As people plan and live with retirement, helthcare cost is a real factor. We all need to think about the cost of care and the every month cost of insurance for healthcare. For people in the USA over 65 this means Medicare and or a Medicare supplement (medsup) or a Medicare advantage plan (MA or […]

Retirement Tools & 2017 Social Security

By on January 31 2017 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

At some time or another we all think about not working (or at least not working as much) and retirement.   In the USA the  federal government part of this, for most working people, is Social Security -SS. I hope we all can save (and invest) some hard earned money.  You can do it with […]

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