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Insurance Co.’s Game Medicare Bonus Structure

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In the Monday March 12th 2018 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the paper reported on some large insurance companies taking advantage and gaming the system to maximize a bonus structure in the Medicare Advantage plan system. Insurers Game Medicare System to Boost Federal Bonus Payments (wsj 03/12/2018) WSJ_Insures_game_Medicare_Bonus_2018_03_12  (right click to open pdf copy) Insurance Premium […]

Give Blood 2018 Commit For Life

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Giving Blood is a good thing to do for others and yourself. The Houston area has the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center (commit for life) See the YouTube video below for ……..Behind the Scenes: 5 common myths about donating blood.     Links Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center – Where to donate Commit for Life […]

Making Sense of Healthcare News (ACA) In 2018

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What is going on with American’s healthcare is a moving target.  People will say they do not want “Obamacare” or an ACA plan. But, the law affects all of us. and  most insurance. I listened to this reporter and tried to make some sense of our (the USA healthcare system) as we start into the […]

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