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The Houston Chronicle HealthZone

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The Houston Chronicle, the daily newspaper for Houston, TX publishes a section called the Health Zone on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month.

Heath Zone: Sunday February 23, 2014 had some interesting articles on weight loss, allergies, cancer issues and spinal cord issues for aging baby boomers.

Insurance, In network vs out.

Commentary: The hidden cost of obesity (02/23/2014 Karen Basen-Engquist)

Chron.com_Weight loss requires patience – Houston Chronicle_health_2014_02_23_b

(right click for pdf)


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15 foods that supercharge your metabolism  (02/24/2014)

Sugar Surprise (what to avoid)  via chron.com/sugarinside  This list of  foods,  have a ton of sugar hidden inside, and you may not know it.

The HealthZone Blog from the Chronicle

Men’s Health blog from the Chronicle

Women’s Health blog  from the Chronicle (HerHealth)



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