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Texas Family Benefits Not Family Benefit Life

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We get email’s and phone calls from people looking for Family Benefit Life Insurance Co of Mexia Texas.  (one or two per month)

See  March 2017  – our old info 

I have looked online and have made multiple calls and emails to TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) to get some good info on this.

Last week I got a call from a Mrs. Williams of Greenville TX.  (Thank YOU)  She was able to give us  some good info on this.

She found:

Western American Life Insurance Co.

2185 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson, TX 75082


This is Maximum Corporation of Richardson TX.

It seems they have taken over some of the policies from Family Benefit Life of Mexia TX.

So if you or anyone you know is looking for this Life insurance co. have the following info and contact them.

(1) Name of the insured   (the date of the policy could help)

(2) The policy number (and or SS number)

The address of the insured (could be of help as well)

and do contact these nice people.


NOTE: (TexFamBen) is a web site for an Agent/Broker John CASEY Lowery in the Houston TX area.


Note (2) – in order to file a life insurance claim you will need:

a claim form from the insurance co  (beneficiary filled out)

and a Death Certificate (certified) to file a claim.


Maximum Corp. (www.cslic.com)

TDI  – on Family Benefit Life

Google.com  –  on – Family Benefit Life of Mexia TX

(from TDI – in 2017)

If your consumers purchased this insurance in Texas,

you should advise them to contact the Texas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

for information about insolvency protections offered by the State of Texas.

You can find their information at


www.txlifega.org/ Insolvency Information Request

Information Assistance

Consumer Protection Section


(email)   consumerprotection@tdi.texas.gov


1-512-490-1007 Fax

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