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Group Health Insurance for Small Companies in Texas

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What will companies with less than 50 employees do starting in 2014 as far as health insurance is concerned? The short answer is the company can do what ever it wants to do.  Employers with less than 50 employees do not have to  offer a group plan or they can.  Only employers with more than 50 employees will […]

Affordable Group Insurance For Texas Small Businesses

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Healthy Texas Healthy Texas, a new statewide public/private partnership health insurance program for small groups of employees in Texas,  went into effect  January 1, 2011. The partnership is between the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and two major health insurance companies, United Healthcare (UHC) and Celtic and came about as a result of the new […]

No Health Insurance At Work? What Can You Do?

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I will talk about the options in what is called the individual market for Health Insurance vs. the Group Market (Company provided health insurance) I will also put up a copy of a short video that is part of a nice series of videos sponsored by Humana, one of the country’s largest health insurance companies […]

Health Insurance In Texas

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Revised Health Insurance for Texas web site was made “live” today.  Welcome to TexasFamilyBenefits.com web site “3.0”. This is the 3rd major design change in the life of TexasFamilyBenefits.com, the website, which started in July of 2007. This is the first Blog post I am making as we put the site up “LIVE” in this […]