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Resolutions 2017 See AICR for Some Help

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Well, it is the first week of 2017.  We have made some new year goal (resolutions) and I have received some good info that I will share. The American Institute for Cancer Research (I do have knowledge of this organization and like the info I get from them,) The Jan 2017 AIRC news letter A […]

Diet vs Exercise June 2015

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Diet and Exercise and or Diet vs Exercise, that is a question of what you want and/or need  to answer. I read a good article in the NYTimes talking about this topic. The question is what is most important in order to loose some weight, that is diet or exercise? See the article “To Lose […]

Your Health and Diet

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Health Zone from the Houston Chronicle Oct 26 2014 Diet that uses fasting by Greta Kaul  (pdf copy)  houstonchronicle.com-Intermittent_fasting_adds_option_to_dieting_strategy_2014_10_26 A good article o fruit fiber rich diet that we all can draw on. (pdf copy) houstonchronicle.com-Fiberrich_fresh_fruit_is_good_for_keeping_your_heart_healthy_2014_10_24 An article that touches on Bariatric surgery  and talks of the pros and cons. Note for most health insurance this is […]

Health and Financial New Year’s Resolutions

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Well,  Happy New Year to 2012 and people are dealing with new years resolutions or NOT. We all fall into one or the other camp and we all have things in our life we want to improve. Improving our health is always a topic for Texans and all Americans. Even if you are in “good […]