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Health & Fitness Tips Houston Chronicle Health Zone

By admin on October 16, 2013 | Listed under Exercise | Leave a comment |

I am a big  fan of the Houston Chronicle’s monthly section Health Zone .

The August 2013 edition talked about a Houston area personal trainer who uses the basics. Samir Becic is his name and I am a fan of basic long term fitness vs quick fix gimmicks.

HealthFitnessRevolution is Samir Becic’s website

I am also a big fan of Hydration, for I grew up in the warm climate of Texas

Lemon Water

food tips for hydration

One of my favorite moring fruits, from South Texas is Grapefruit, Ruby Red.

Info on eating in the evening, I think eating early in the evening is better but I do not follow my own advice.

Tips on Veggie eating

Swimming tips from Health zone (my favorite form of regular exercise in my life).

You can find me at the Dad’s Club of Houston TX (spring branch area) working out and swimming  (M-W-F) in the early mornings.

Strength Training tips

Info for men on prostrate cancer

Samir Becic


Drs. Roizen & OZ articles by The You Docs.

Two food swaps that may reduce risks of cancer in the Houston Chronicle. 


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