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Substance Abuse | Get Help October 2017

By on October 19 2017 | Health & Wellness | Leave a comment

Substance abuse is a real problem in your town, our state of Texas and in this great country, America. If you or someone you love has a problem do not give up.  Reach out for help. The News Hour has a good multi day segment (the first week of October 2017) America Addicted See 4 […]

2018 Open Enrollment for Individual & Family Insurance

By on October 13 2017 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

Open enrollment for 2018 is approaching. Nov 01–Dec 12 2017 For coverage that will start January 01 2018. Yes….This is a smaller window of time to sing up  than in the prior years. Related Links Info for Tax Credit and or Subsidy for Individual and Family Plans (from HealthCare.gov) FAQ’s via Healthcare.gov CBS News on […]

Health Care Reform As Of Sept. 20, 2017

By on September 26 2017 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

Where are we (the Congress) on taking on repeal and replacement of the ACA law as of  09/20/2017 ? This is a good question with no clear or easy answers.   ( “darn”   – jcl) See the three videos and  ALL the good links for more info to help you see what is going […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2017

By on September 22 2017 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) 2017.  I like to encourage people to look at their situation and family to make sure you are protecting the people who need to be protected. Life Insurance  for family and business obligations, etc. Wills for ALL people, especially for those who have children and obligations. (AND to […]

Saving & Investing Tips & Tools for 2017

By on July 20 2017 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

Well,  it’s July 2017 and in fact, the month will be over next week. WOW!? I wanted to post this back in January of 2017. The end of a year into the start of a new one is a good time to review and/or make plans for saving and investing, as I think and have been […]

“Patient’s Playbook” A Book & Info For Using Health Care

By on July 13 2017 | Health & Wellness | Leave a comment

In early July 2017 via my dvr I watched a short  TV interview on Tavis Smily’s show, where he interviewed  Leslie Michelson. This  is a great topic that we all can use some guidence if and when we have to navigate and use the great health care available  to us in these United States of America. The […]

Summer 2017 Diet & Exercise

By on June 30 2017 | Exercise | Leave a comment

As we are enjoying the summer solstice  (June 21 is the longest day of the year…the most sunlight in the northern hemisphere) and the start of summer. I am thinking and working on my own diet and exercise program. This is HARD… I need to  keep my work out schedule (and make sure I do […]

Individual Heath (ACA) Open Enrollment for 2018

By on June 29 2017 | Health Insurance, Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

The ACA is still the “law of the land” re Individual Health Insurance. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018. As of the end of June we are not sure what insurace companies will be selling in Texas. Note  Memorial […]

May 2017 Health Care Replacement

By on June 1 2017 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

The Congress has started the process to repel  & replace the ACA law. I have posted what I think is some good info on the via the C-Span.org -AM news show  Washington Journal from Monday 05/05/2017 with Ms Julie Rovner who is with Kaiser health news. See the below link for about 90 minuets of discussion […]

The Cost of Health Care 2017

By on May 24 2017 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

The cost of health care goes up every day. I can say that on the insurance side, which I look at every day, it seems that the cost of premium goes up about 1% per month. I do not have any answers for this but I think I have found some people (a writer in […]

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